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IMPACT Learning Journey

On the quest for deeper learning and critical thinking in a global community, IMPACT seeks to shift the paradigms of education by threading learning through our five pillars:

  1. Culture & Identity - Knowing  our identity, contributing to how we see ourselves and others.

  2. Civics & Social Justice - Engaged citizens who can think critically and are empowered to participate in charting the course of their community and country.

  3. Stewardship & Global Issues - Serving our planet and community; recognizing the interconnectedness among social, environmental, health, and economic issues through positive action.

  4. Innovation & Entrepreneurship - Identifying barriers, designing solutions and persevering while embracing challenges and opportunities with imagination and compassion.

  5. Internships & Apprenticeships - Participating in hands-on opportunities to hone understanding, application and expand real-world experiences.

The Five Pillars serve as the foundation to building authentic, purposeful, and impactful education. All IMPACT Agents work with their IMPACT Guides and cohorts to establish individualized learning journeys based on personal passion. As a result, Agents engage in integrated, well-rounded and fulfilling learning projects through the Five Pillars, exposing them to meaningful, real-world experiences that contribute to their academic, personal, and professional growth.

  • Observation

  • Formative  assessment

  • Metacognition & iteration

  • Growth mindset

  • No Box

White Feather
  • Fieldwork

  • Authentic research

  • Practice

  • Project design

IMPACT Learning Journey

  • Core curriculum via accredited online programs and virtual classes

  • Coaching, mentoring, advising

  • Research & project prep

  • Internships & apprenticeships

  • Community service & stewardship

  • Global issues networking

  • Culture & identity

  • Passion projects

  • Capstone

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