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A transformational learning journey empowering youth to find solutions today that will impact their lives tomorrow.

On the quest for deeper learning and critical thinking in a global community, IMPACT seeks to shift the paradigms of education by threading learning through our five pillars: culture & identity; civics & social justice; stewardship & global issues; innovation & entrepreneurship; and internships & apprenticeships.


Five Pillars of IMPACT

The Five Pillars serve as the foundation to building authentic, purposeful, and impactful education. All IMPACT Agents work with their IMPACT Guides and cohorts to establish individualized learning journeys based on personal passion. As a result, Agents engage in integrated, well-rounded and fulfilling learning projects through the Five Pillars, exposing them to meaningful, real-world experiences that contribute to their academic, personal, and professional growth.


At IMPACT, we  believe the core of education comes from working on personalized, passion-based, and purposeful projects. We have designed our learning journey to reflect that by flipping the time Agents spend on their courses & credits with the time spent on their  projects.

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