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Education Reimagined

Preparing our youth to be competitive in the global economy as the world shifts, automates and disrupts; envisioning a future where colleges will accept students based on the content of their character and accomplishments, not scores or grades.

IMPACT Ecosystem

IMPACT Ecosystem

“A learning ecosystem is a system of people, technology, culture, and strategy, existing both within and outside of an organization, all of which has an impact on both the formal and informal learning that goes on in that organization.” (EJ4, The Learning Ecosystem, 2018)


The living embodiment of our mission, values, skills, goals, and vision, the IMPACT Ecosystem honors the individual working in harmony with the world around them.

IMPACT Ecosystem
Sunset Sailboats

At IMPACT, we are



Problem Solvers

Action Oriented

Critical Thinkers

Team Players

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