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Imagine liberated and purposeful learning, borne out of your passions and interests and driven by you.  IMPACT Agents are future learners who see the possibilities and opportunities in education and the greater world.  Those seeking flexibility in terms of time and learning styles can generate their own individualized educational journey, including online coursework, experiential activities and partnerships, and collaboration and support from an IMPACT Guide and cohort team members. Through IMPACT’s Five Pillars, Agents develop 21st-century transferable academic and life skills that cultivate autonomy, determination, empathy, perseverance, compassion, and optimism. The IMPACT learning journey from Basecamp through Reflection integrates holistic educational opportunities and experiences for agents to become civically engaged, globally aware, economically literate, information savvy, and innovative critical thinkers, collaborators, and independent learners throughout life.


A day in the life of an IMPACT Agent includes:

  • Online academic coursework is completed when it best suits the needs of the learner

  • Meaningful expeditions, workshops, community projects, and internships related to personal passion projects and interests

  • Flexibility to focus IMPACT Five Pillars coursework areas that align with each agent

  • Ownership of learning opportunities and experiences

IMPACT Agents will be prepared for the challenges and opportunities of the future.  These select learners won't settle for anything less than significant, challenging, and IMPACTful learning. 

IMPACT Agent Profile


Civically Engaged

Working to make a difference in the civic life of our communities, and developing the combination of knowledge, skills, values and motivation to make that difference.


Globally Aware

Understanding and appreciating diversity, culture, language,  respect. understanding of how environmental, social, cultural, economic, and political factors impact the world.


Economically Literate

Using basic economic concepts to make decisions about earning, saving, spending, and sharing money, as well as economic systems.


Information Savvy

Inquiring, analyzing, and understanding  quality sources, and effectively communicating.



Divergent thinking, risk-taking, and curiosity working to create new, useful and iterative thinking.


Critical Thinker

Practicing the art of reflective thought processes with a view to improving them. Towards empathy, humility, and autonomy.



Team focused generosity, curiosity, and problem solving that is appreciative, trusting, diplomatic, and open-minded.


Independent Learner

Intrinsically  motivated to understand challenges and  find solutions while willing to make mistakes and take risks.

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