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Paul Passamonte

As an educator for over twenty years, Paul is passionate about preparing students for a future that is unknown and guiding them in becoming the best versions of themselves. He is drawn to diverse learning environments that promote a relevant and future focused education where students are given opportunities to pursue their interests and their uniqueness is celebrated.


BS in Education (Special Education and Mathematics) from Eastern Kentucky University
M.Ed in Educational Leadership from De La Salle University

Certification of Advanced Educational Leadership from Harvard University
Principal Training Certificate in International Schools

Paul’s professional career has afforded him the unique opportunity to live abroad and work at international schools in Micronesia, Saudi Arabia, the Philippines, Chile, and Hong Kong. The experiences in these diverse schools not only opened up new doors of understanding people of various cultures, but also provided him with enriching professional opportunities.

After spending seven years in the classroom as a Math teacher and Special Educator, he found himself not only appreciating the uniqueness of each student, but also found fulfillment in modeling and inspiring teachers to use a variety of instructional strategies to support all students in reaching their full potential. This led him to pursuing a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership and becoming a school level administrator; a role that he has held in various international and independent schools for the last 17 years.


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