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What is IMPACT

IMPACT is school reimagined utilizing an online accredited course and credit program with local and international cohorts where 75% of the learning comes from true engagement through personalized and collaborative experiences, skills, and strategies now and for the future.


We have deconstructed the school and redesigned it with its best parts in the right proportions, plus more:

  • Personalized curriculum: our agents will create their own guided learning journeys following a simple template, meeting all kids at their social, economic, and academic levels

  • Passion-based project: agents will seek out and design projects according to their own interests 

  • Purposeful learning: learning will come from engaging in solving real world issues, directly impacting their own communities following the 5 pillars

  • 5 Pillars: each cohort will immerse themselves in these 5 realms: culture and identity; civics and social justice; stewardship and global issues; innovation and entrepreneurship; internships and apprenticeships.  

  • No classroom necessary: part online schooling, part real world learning, our classroom will be the outdoors, our neighborhoods, and our great big world

  • Highschool diploma: 25% of the time will be spent on coursework through our online partner that will get our agents a highschool diploma and even have the opportunity to take college classes

  • Guidance and mentorship: our agents will have a dedicated guide to help navigate through their education who will also help find them a mentor in a field of their interest

  • Portfolio vs. GPA: We believe that our life accomplishments should be measured by actual work rather than by an artificially designed grading system. Our graduates will have an exceptional portfolio with real world experiences that will be much more meaningful and applicable for both college and work-bound futures. 

  • Making time work for you: We heard you, waking up at 6 AM isn’t always conducive to best learning. Our students will learn to manage their own time and work during their own peak hours. 

  • Community integration: our learning journeys will be assessed on the positive impact they produce to the community. Our agents will no longer be in an isolated box called school, but be an integral part of society throughout their education.

"If we teach today's students as we taught yesterday's, we rob them of tomorrow."

John Dewey (1859 - 1952)


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