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First Time Membership


Joining the IMPACT Community entails becoming part of a collective effort to make a positive difference in the world. Whether joining as a school or an individual member, it means becoming part of a global network of like-minded schools, students, and educators actively addressing various challenges and issues facing our society. Members collaborate, share resources, and collaborate to implement initiatives and projects contributing to positive change and societal improvement. In essence, becoming an IMPACT member signifies a commitment to collective action and making a meaningful impact on the world.

Professional Development

MPACT offers comprehensive professional development and training services designed to empower educators and schools to make a difference in their communities. Our presentations highlight the value of membership within the IMPACT community, showcasing the benefits of joining our global network of schools, students, and educators. We delve into the IMPACT framework, providing insights into how it can guide transformative educational practices and foster positive change.

Our grassroots approach to transformational education emphasizes the importance of local context and community engagement. We equip educators with the tools and strategies needed to implement the IMPACT framework effectively within their schools, tailoring it to suit the unique needs and challenges of their environment.

Furthermore, we facilitate connections among like-minded educators, creating opportunities for collaboration and knowledge sharing. Through collaborative planning sessions, we assist schools in conceptualizing and implementing IMPACT projects that address pressing issues and promote social responsibility.

Additionally, we provide support in establishing and sustaining an IMPACT environment within schools, nurturing a culture of empathy, innovation, and active citizenship. Our professional development and training services are designed to empower educators and schools to drive meaningful change and create a positive impact in their communities.

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IMPACT Credentialing

IMPACT individual members have the opportunity to become IMPACT-certified trainers, and schools can receive certification, representing the gold standard in transformative education. This prestigious certification opens up various opportunities for certified schools, enabling them to serve as hubs for training, conferences, demonstrations, and role modeling within the IMPACT community.

Certified schools are recognized as premier training sites, equipped to host workshops and professional development sessions for educators seeking to implement the IMPACT framework. They provide an immersive learning environment where participants can observe the principles in action firsthand and gain practical insights into effective implementation strategies.

Furthermore, certified schools often serve as prime locations for IMPACT conferences, bringing together educators, students, and stakeholders worldwide to share best practices, exchange ideas, and collaborate on innovative projects. These conferences showcase the exemplary work being done within certified schools and inspire others to follow suit.

Certified schools also function as demonstration and lab facilities, offering opportunities for hands-on learning and experimentation with new pedagogical approaches and technologies. They serve as incubators for innovation, allowing educators to test ideas, refine practices, and explore emerging trends in education.

Moreover, certified schools serve as role models for other educational institutions, setting the standard for excellence in transformative education. By demonstrating a deep commitment to social responsibility, community engagement, and positive change, they inspire and motivate others to adopt similar practices and strive for continuous improvement.

In essence, certification as an IMPACT school signifies a dedication to excellence and a willingness to lead by example, driving positive change within and beyond the school community.

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