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On the quest to IMPACTful learning, a guide is needed to bring together and support the team.  Part project manager, part design thinker, community connection, collaborator and purveyor of individualized strategies, an IMPACT Guide's role is to coordinate the Five Pillars and online learning components with their cohort.

Role of IMPACT Guides

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I - I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.”


Robert Frost’s iconic poem aptly describes the ultimate goal of IMPACT. In an ever-changing world we need an education system that is solution-based and future-focused. IMPACT is designed to empower IMPACT Agents to find their unique road on their education journey - one that will offer endless opportunities to make a difference.


Our amazing group of highly experienced IMPACT Guides possess the IMPACT Core Values: Determination, Compassion, Empathy, Perseverance, and Optimism. Their role is to partner with IMPACT Agents on three areas:

  • Supporting the  social, emotional, and physical health of our participants;

  • Ensuring our Agents are up-to-date on their online coursework;

  • Collaborating with our Agents to facilitate their Five Pillar projects, events, activities, and outcomes; and

  • Connecting IMPACT Agents with individual community mentors and experts.


Our guides stand together with our Agents at the crossroads of their future through agency, iteration, and grit they will find their road, their destiny.

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We are all capable of powerful thinking, and it is our human imperative to use learning as means to continually learn.  Connected, collaborative, and creative avocations that are in harmony with our world borne out of personal passions allow us to harness our strengths and overcome challenges for truly liberated learning.  




Paul is drawn to diverse learning environments that promote a relevant and future focused education where students are given opportunities to pursue their interests and their uniqueness is celebrated.


Hawaii Island


Jeff was voted one of Canada’s 100 Greatest explorers by the Royal Canadian Geographic Society based upon working with locals to get stories told. To that end, Jeff has spoken all over the world to organizations and student bodies alike to encourage more time outside, being curious, and connecting.


Northern California


Being in the service industry taught me the management and communication skills that are crucial to my current position as a high school principal. My wife and colleagues often say I think many steps ahead of those around me. I have used my communication and people skills to bring about significant changes to my current site.

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