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Josh Reppun, Ambassador, What School Could Be 
Producer and Host: The What School Could Be Podcast. 
Producer and Co-Director: The Innovation Playlist

From Josh

"With presentations from Robert Landau (IMPACT Framework), Aaron Schorn and Auston Steward (Nalukai Academy) and Hannah Grady Williams (d’Skills), I left this meeting with my education reimagination batteries fully charged. The impact these programs and frameworks are having on kids is and will continue to be pretty staggering. I truly believe some very special opportunities will emerge from this gathering.
Robert Landau of Two Roads Education LLC batted first and hit a homer with his first pitch. His IMPACT Framework can be summarized as follows.
The IMPACT framework offers a robust and comprehensive approach to education, addressing academic knowledge, critical skills, and perspectives necessary for success in a rapidly changing world. By focusing on the five pillars and compass points, IMPACT provides a roadmap for schools to prepare students to navigate and contribute to the challenges and opportunities of the future and positively impact the dynamic world they will inherit. Every school committed to preparing students for the future should consider becoming an IMPACT member and adopting this transformative framework."


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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