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Susannah Johnson

Founder of Individualized Realized, LLC

Pursuing liberated learning for the individual by the individual, Susannah seeks an education revolution that includes the ultimate in empowered, student-centered learning taking individualized learning out of theory and into the world, redefining what it means to be an educator. Global thinking, strengthened through travel and adventures, is her pathway on this quest.  She is passionate about igniting the passion as a means to deeper learning and thinking in everyone.


Master of Education, Instructional Leadership, Chaminade University

Bachelor of Science, Exercise Science, Southern Illinois University


"Before the beginning of great brilliance, there must be chaos." ~ I Ching


After more than a decade in physiology, including exchange ratios, cardiovascular rehabilitation, and research as well as building facilities,  plus business management  ranging from work at NASA to rock climbing instruction, Susannah found that supporting and training staff in their own pursuits was what fueled her work. Teaching became the path to continue that purpose.


For thirteen years in the classroom and through research, Susannah spent a decade at Assets High School developing truly individualized instruction grounded in critical thinking, authenticity, and passion. Susannah received her Master of Education degree in 2016, is a regular presenter at the Schools of the Future Conference and the International Conference for Critical Thinking, and the author of articles about this unique pedagogy. Susannah continues to pursue knowledge and evolving educational strategies, using her own global explorations to ignite ideas in education innovation through Individualized Realized, LLC.


Finding a path to follow in any journey boosts the possibility of a successful quest. Critical Thinking guides humanity towards a global mindset that is logical, empathetic, and brave even through challenges and biases.  Having the desire and  discipline to use specific strategies as a means to cultivate our minds and actions blazes the trail towards an enlightened and reasonable end where we might find exquisite truth. 

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